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Northampton - November 2021

Extraordinary Social Experiences

Innovative Drinks

Cocktails That Fascinate

Tempting Tapas

British Inspired

The First Social Pub Venue

Gaming & Entertainment

Who We Are

The First Social Pub Venue

3 brothers with a love for pubs

Together, we've had a dream to create a 'Social Pub Venue' that people can share experiences together in, feast on British inspired tapas, drink innovative & classic cocktails and be more social with a gaming & entertainment offering.

What We Want to Do

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Brothers Pub Co prepare to open pub filled with cocktails and games -

What We Stand For

We want to create a venue that provides Northampton with a place to share fascinating cocktails, share British inspired tapas, play shuffleboard & Skittles, go to comedy and live music nights. Somewhere people can socialise and be together. Something we are all going to need post-Covid 19. A 'Social Pub Venue'.

How are we different from everyone else?