Launching Autumn/Winter 2021 - Help Raise Funds by Purchasing a Garnish Box

Garnish Box
Garnish Box
Garnish Box
Garnish Box
Garnish Box
Garnish Box
Garnish Box
Garnish Box
Garnish Box

Brothers Pub Co

Garnish Box

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A great gift for cocktail lovers, this selection box of garnishes will let you experiment and create extraordinary cocktails at home (You can also pretty up a Pink Gin and Tonic with a bit of Candy Floss if you wanted to!)

This Garnish box set comprises of 15 different garnishes* and garnishes tools:

  • Candy Floss - 5g - Provides sweet flavour and that extra creative and fluffy touch to your cocktails
  • Glace Cherries 60g - A staple cocktail garnish that can be used elegantly on top of all your drinks
  • Citrus Fruits - 25g  -   Garnish your cocktails with a mixture of 3 different citrus fruit garnishes 
  • Caramel Popcorn - 20g  - Add popcorn to your drinks with a spike or simply put on top of your finished drink
  • Cocoa Powder  - 20g - Rim milk-based cocktails with Cocoa Powder for an extra chocolaty experience
  • Coffee Beans - 15g - Drop a couple of coffee beans in your cocktail for a stylish finish. Great for Espresso Martinis.
  • Blackcurrant Powder -  20g - Rim your glass with fruity Blackcurrant Powder
  • Golden Margarita Salt - 20g - Give your cocktail a glittery golden rim with our margarita salt
  • Skeleton Leaves - Peg to the side of your drink or place on top for a colourful and natural finish
  • Fizz Wiz Popping Candy - 2 Sachets - Add a pop to your cocktail with a popping candy rim, or drop it straight in for an explosive effect

  • Umbrellas - 4  - A summer cocktail isn't finished without the corny, yet classic, cocktail umbrella
  • Pegs - 4 - Attach Citrus fruits, Skeleton Leaves, and Candy Floss to the side of your glass with our mini pegs
  • Straws - 4 - Well, you've got to drink your cocktail after you've made it right?
  • Stirrers - 4 - Another cocktail classic. Pop in a stirrer to mix up your home created cocktail
  • Spikes - 4 - Use to spike cherries or Olives to add a final touch

No need to go overboard with these garnishes. Most times, a little amount does just the job of creating an extraordinary cocktail.

This Garnish box set is uniquely presented and comes with a drinks recipe guide and instructions on how to get the best results from your set of garnishes and garnish tools.



We have the plans in place to create a venue that creates an extraordinary social experience but need to start racking up some funds to talk to designers and suppliers and investors, so we came up with creating a Garnish box.

The aim of the Garnish Box is to create a bit of talk locally about what we can provide to Northampton as well as start earning some money to build the capital investment we need to open such a venue.

With your help, and by purchasing this Garnish Box, it helps us get one step closer to creating the Social pub Venue of our dreams, and hopefully yours as well. Thank you so much and keep up to date with what we are up to at @brotherspubco on Instagram